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September 9 & 10/ 2017

with Master Peter Wu Shi-Zeng

Master Peter Wu has been practicing Taijiquan over 40 years after having studied Taijiquan under some of the greatest modern masters.

SAT 9 SEPTEMBER: Master Wu has now consolidated a comprehensive syllabus of 18 essential topics for effective Jin development. This updated & comprehensive training system will provide keen practitioners an efficient approach to achieve their greatest potential in any Taijiquan style.

In this Workshop, senior students will learn Level 6 Part 1 ‘Sink’, which will build upon what has been taught in levels 1 to 5. Students who have attended previous workshops will build on the level they learnt last workshop. First time attendees will learn Level 1.

The Workshop will be structured to allow both new participants & individuals who have attended previous workshops to equally gain invaluable insights into Taijiquan.  Participants will be given ample time for self & partnered practice in correct posture, single movement & combined movements.

SUN 10 SEPTEMBER: Today Master Wu will teach Hong Chen Series 1 Taijiquan.          Applications for each movement will be taught & participants will be able to practice applications in order to improve their understanding of each movement

Date:   September 9 – 10                                                

Time: 10am  – 4pm Sat & Sun

Venue: 110 Eagle Heights Road Tamborine Mt.

Cost: $250. Pre-pay by 25 August, $230; One day only $130.
Please make cheques payable to ‘Peter Wu’

Bookings: Master Dennis Watts 0419763360:        or                                                                                                                  Master Gai Wanless 0409066501:

Sponsored by:

          Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy & Tamborine Tai Chi & Kinesiology

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Saturday April 29
By creating a healing wave of calm around the planet, World T’ai Chi & Qigong Day paints a vision of possibility for humanity each year, subtly, quietly, providing a profound example to millions who participate or experience it through the media.
Join us on Saturday April 29 at
Kurrawa Park Broadbeach
between 9.30 & 11.00am
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