New Beginners Tai Chi Classes Term 2/18


Coolangatta: Point Danger Scouts Hall, Scott Street, Tuesday, April 17, – 9.00am Qld time. Yang 24 Forms Tai Chi                                                             (NOTE: from Term 2/18, this class will start at 9.00am)

Broadbeach: Broadbeach Senior Citizens Hall, T.E. Peters Drive,                        Tuesday, April 17, – 6pm, Yang 24 Forms Tai Chi, Chen Push Handa & Jin Training.                                                                7pm, Hong Chen Series 1, (Martial Class)

Burleigh Heads: St. John’s Anglican Church Hall, Park Avenue,                      Wednesday, April 18, 6 – 7.30pm. Hong Chen Series 1 & Applications, Jin Training. This is a Chen Taijiquan martial arts class.                                                                                                                     Thursday, April 19, 7 – 8am, Tao Yin (Tao Yoga) & Meditation.                                     9am Yang Style Beijing 24.     .             

Elanora: Elanora State School Auditorium (follow the Blue Line). K.P. McGrath Drive.  Thursday, April 19, – 6pm, Yang 24 Forms Tai Chi.

Southport: Southport Masonic Hall, 76 Nerang Street,                                               Friday, April 20, 9am Yang 24 Forms Tai Chi.

ENERGY EXCHANGE: All Yang Styles – $120 for 10 week term ( 1 class per week). Hong Chen Martial Class – Burleigh Hds, $200 for 10 weeks, 1½ hour class (1 class per week).  Broadbeach, $120 for 10 weeks x 1 class per week.                                    Multiple Classes: Multiple classes per week in your current form extra $80. Child to 16 years Yang Forms $100, Hong Chen $120.

The Gold Coast Tai Chi Academy offers a practical learning approach to the art of Tai Chi for both the health conscious student and the professional health person. A selection of Tai Chi styles is taught from the Beijing 24 Forms (Simplified Yang Style), Yang 40 Forms, Combination 42 Forms (consists of Yang, Chen Wu and Sun Styles it is a competition style , Traditional Yang Long Forms (108), Shaolin Buddhist Tai Chi Form, Chen Style Tai Chi Hong Chen Short Form, Series 1.

Personally taught by Dennis Watts, students are led through the popular Beijing 24 Forms as their first Tai Chi routine. It is elegant and easy to learn, and benefits the health and wellbeing of students in a relaxed, enjoyable and friendly atmosphere, giving a pleasant moving meditation experience. For the serious student, the program leads from the popular to intermediate and advanced programs.

The martial (Quan) side of the art is also taught to those who have an interest in this field. Tai Chi Pushing Hands and the applications of all movements from the various forms taught.

Selections of Tai Chi weapon arts are also available, including the Tai Chi Sword, Broadsword, Fan, Short Staff, Spear, Guan Dao, Two Person Staff and Two Person Taiji Sword, Chen Straight Sword.